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We're Different, and That's a Good Thing!
Our unique platform is the new standard for online training in the indoor environmental industry.
We offer the only programs with live, online classrooms for a virtual face-to-face distance learning experience!
Webinars suck.

To date, online training for the IAQ industry has been limited to webinar-style, instructor voice-over PowerPoint, which can become tedious in less than an hour when you're an attendee. Try listening to some dude reading his class slides on your computer for two or three days...


A Bunch of Wasted Time & Needless Cost


Good training doesn't come cheap. But, when you factor in the added travel costs and time away from work and/or home, taking a class at a brick and mortar facility can be downright expensive.  Wouldn't it be great if you could attend a quality instructor-led course right from your computer?  Now, you can!

We have a better way is the next best thing to actually being there! Our exclusive distance learning platform creates a virtual live classroom experience where everyone can truly interact. Students see and hear our instructor's live video feed, our instructor sees and hears the students, and the students can even see and hear each other--just like a real classroom!  We utilize a variety of virtual hands-on activities to engage our attendees for a unique and highly effective educational experience.

The Real Deal

Our instructors are industry experts with real field experience in the courses they teach. They actually know what they're talking about, because they've done it themselves. Our course content is excellent, and filled with real-world examples that you can build on in your own career. We're not boring, either. We understand how difficult it can be to pay attention to someone that just drones on and on, so we also strive to make learning with us fun! 

Our course materials are digital and interactive, and provide tons of useful information, so students can easily access them as a handy reference during class, and later when they're working in the field at their jobs.

Welcome to the New Standard for Online Training

We just raised the bar over the competition's heads. Great content, great instructors, great value, and amazing convenience...that's! We're not like the other trainers in the IAQ industry, and we don't want to be.

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Bob is the founder,Training Director, and a lead instructor for, bringing over 30-years industry experience in indoor environmental consulting, training, and remediation. He has authored numerous IAQ training programs and is also a video director/producer.


Shawn Macomber

Shawn is owner of Healthy Home Solutions, LLC in Slidell, LA.  He has extensive experience consulting on water/mold-related restoration projects, as well as renovation and construction.  He also significant time in working in freelance television and film production around the globe.


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